Here is Ivy Elizabeth Walker❧'s interview!

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Ivy's interview was a written interview. All answers are theirs. Minor formatting has occurred but none of the answers are edited.

Hi! I am Ivy, crunchy hippy geeky type, baker, sometimes-artist, tree-hugger, tea addict and blogger of foods.


  1. What's your tagline? My "official" tagline is That Hippy Elf Chick. I used to carry around a tote bag that said "Make Tea Not War" which I got from my favorite herb website, cause it's me to a T. Ha. tea. But now I'm always afraid people will associate it with the tea party. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. I also like the Izzard classic - "tea and cake or death!"
  2. What's your greatest fear? Well, this isn't going to be very upbeat, cause it's not silly things like spiders or whatever. But it's basically some tragedy befalling Mr. Leaf. #2 fear is tied for painful medical procedures, "I didn't know I was pregnant" scenario, and planes. I am afraid to fly.
  3. Dog vs Cat Cats. Obviously!!
  4. Pie vs Cake As a baker obviously I must appreciate the virtues of both of them. This time of year I would love to sink my fork into some pumpkin, apple or pecan pie. Peach pie is good too. But over all if I HAD to choose... cake. But not like, dry grocery store cake with gritty too-sweet American buttercream. REAL cake.
  5. Waffles vs Pancakes I don't know if I could choose between these two! I do love how waffles have lots of pockets for maximum butter poolage. I... I guess waffle. Yeah. Waffle.
  6. Carnivore vs Vegetarian I eat all the things. Except things with exoskeleton. And I don't like peppers.
  7. Do you even PubMed (or lift)? I do lift! But I don't lift weights anymore cause they're boring. I lift bags of flour. I don't pubmed though (for shame!), I webMD. It always tells me to go to the ER immediately.
  8. Vikings vs Pirates? wait is this literal or a sports thing? Cause REALLY literally, they both are kinda murdery and rapey, and if they are sports things, I don't even know what sport that is.
  9. Team Cumberbatch or Team Hiddleston? Gotta give it to Sherlock. mmm.
  10. How did you find GT? Through Jez, boring answer. Found I like it a lot better over here.
  11. favorite Gif I won't say this is my ALL TIME ULTIMATE FAVORITE because that's too hard of a choice, but it's a good one.


  1. What does your screen name mean? My original screen name was Ivyleaf, and then I changed the "leaf" to an actual leaf. Just cause I am a leafy pagan hippy type - but also inspired by my favorite character from my favorite movie (DON'T HATE) The Village, which is why I went full Ivy Walker for Halloween!
  2. What is your avatar? Again, very literal. I had a little doodle of myself before, but it was too hard to see that small.
  3. Favorite post on GT (not yours)? I had so so so so much fun with the mixtape thing. I wanna do it agaaaiiiin!
  4. Have you had coffee yet today? Get this - worked at 3 am, after about 4 hours sleep, and had no coffee, and didn't crash til about an hour ago. The flu has me all messed up, not sleeping much due to the not breathing thing.
  5. What was the last meal you ate? I literally did not eat a meal today. I stuffed my face with these cheesy sourdough chip things when I got home and ate a couple Reese's pumpkins. That's a well rounded diet when you're incapacitated by the flu.
  6. Favorite type of cheese? Trader Joe's fontina. Also feta.
  7. Most favorite food? Impossible!!!! Homemade brioche or any homemade bread. Chicken makhani. Stuffed grape leaves and fried eggplant with tzatziki. Pumpkin cake. Oatmeal cookies. Mashed potatoes. Too many foods!!
  8. Least favorite food? CILANTRO IS THE DEVIL'S WEED.
  9. Drink of choice? Tea!!!
  10. Fast food franchise? I am wayyyyy too much of a food snob. But if I had to. Arby's curly fries. It's been yeeeaaars!
  11. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one do you pick? OMG THIS IS SO HARD. I wanna go with my gut and say The Secret Garden.
  12. What is your favorite movie? It is, unironically, The Village.
  13. Are you lucky? On a daily basis it doesn't always feel like it, but in the big picture, absolutely yes.
  14. Place you most want to visit? Tied for Japan and Greece.
  15. Favorite vacation? Lake Placid! (ADK, not FLA)
  16. Pretend I'm James Lipton…
  17. What is your favorite word? I don't know! Tea. Tea is like a pavlovian response word for me.
  18. What is your least favorite word? mouthfeel.
  19. What turns you on? Mr. Leaf. /cheesy
  20. What turns you off? processed food?
  21. What sound or noise do you love? wind in the trees
  22. What sound or noise do you hate? car alarms.
  23. What is your favorite curse word? frick on a stick with a brick!
  24. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? If I could spend my life studying cultural anthropology that'd be sweet
  25. What profession would you not like to do? anything in retail.
  26. Fuck/Marry/Kill
  27. Oxford Commas, double spaces after sentences, three dot ellipses I'm killing the Oxford Comma, DEAL WITH IT. Fuck ellipses and marry double spaces. It's how I was raised!
  28. coffee, tea, water Kill coffee, marry tea... I guess that leaves me fucking water? I'm confused.
  29. marvel, dc, anime fuck Marvel, kill DC, marry anime. It's too late for me, I've been married to anime for a long time.
  30. house of cards, orange is the new black, hemlock grove I can't answer this in good conscience because I find Spacey in House of Cards so creepy I cannot assign it either of the living spots, but I WISH I COULD KILL HEMLOCK GROVE FOR REAL. KILL IT DEAD. WITH FIRE.
  31. bacon, butter, cheese Look this is gonna be brutal but... I have to kill bacon, fuck cheese and marry butter. HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT BUTTER. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T LOVE YOU BACON. BUT PRIORITIES.
  32. captain america, batman, iron man I feel like this one answers itself - Marry Cap, fuck Iron Man, kill Batman. How could you answer otherwise!
  33. If you could tell your younger self anything, what would you say? You should definitely do something you love! But art school is going to be a huge waste of money! Fun though.
  34. How do you want to die? Like the Notebook minus the dementia.
  35. If your life was a movie, who would you want to play you? I mean, I am obsessed with Bryce Dallas Howard so that would be sweeeeet but also not true to life. Maybe like, Ginnifer Goodwin? Not that I'm her biggest fan but if you really squint and like close one eye maybe she kinda looks like me okay not really.
  36. Give me one question to ask the next person. If you could live in a video game, which one would you pick? (OG Spyro the Dragon for me.)