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Iz a lazy day and other stuffs

Last night, the guys and I went to husband's friend's dad's birthday party at a local bar. Other-husband and I left around 10, husband stayed until the wee hours because he has a crush on said friend and has for years, but is too chicken to do anything about it. I swear, if he doesn't say something the next time she's between boyfriends, I'm going to! Anyway.

So we went home, had fabulous and amazing secks, and then he passed out (there was free beer at the party. And food.) I was still wide awake, so I went on his computer and watched like, 5 episodes of Bizarre Foods on YouTube, until 2am. I tried to fall asleep then, but was still up til 3.30am. Insomnia sucks ass. Other-husband woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7am. (Yay, more secks!)


We watched Mean Girls and hung out til 10, when we drove husband to work and did some grocery shopping (side note: will make other post later explaining why that was exciting). Came home and had a nap. I haven't done anything productive since besides watch Vanity Fair, eat the yummy thing pictured above, and update all the crap on my phone. I don't intend to do anything else productive, either, except a load of laundry for kid's school stuff tomorrow.

(The yummy thing is a BBQ pork mini pot pie, which other-husband made and woke me up with. Nothing like the smell of BBQ sauce and bacon to get your eyes open! )

How's your day been?

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