as an after school art teacher at a Montessori school!

huge thank you's to everyone - from your help and listening to our trials and tribulations leaving California to your cover letter help (which was immensely instrumental to getting hired) to Caorann for suggesting I read up on Montessori. I read 3 books by Maria Montessori and am looking for more good books to read (my library has very little.)

I adore the kids already and they are super cute when they are all piling around me vying for attention (I wish I was Sarah/Tatiana Maslany on these occasions).

So far we have done "Color Mixing" with food coloring aka pouring colored water into teacups until it turns black. Much messier than planned, OF COURSE, though only one child got stained (She sat down while we were all still in circle and plunged her tiny hands into the less-diluted green). Next time we will also have 3 primary colors per table (instead of cries of I NEED BLUE I NEED YELLOW).

Yesterday we tried 'color wheels' which didn't make it past the "make one square of each color" except for one girl who was VERY successful and got all the construction paper colors on one page.


I need to make a lesson plan and 'curriculum' as well as get clear on what triggers this school uses to accomplish certain behaviours. So far, I have learned "No thank you, So and So" to correct unfortunate behaviour. What are you using to correct rough play in preschool/kindergartens?

Also, we have students whose first language is not English. My only Mandarin word is Thank You (Doe-jay, sic of course) but that was sufficient to get a smile from the little one. Attempting to learn more with language lessons on audiobook.


Give me your suggestions! This is SUPER FUN and also I want to be more prepared. Pictured is the banjo-playing velociraptor t-shirt I have on zazzle... needed some fun picture for this post. SHAMELESS!