So, Jagger had a bad weekend. We had guests and the stray, so he was tense, playing only made him more tense and the vet visit was a hilarious fiasco...apparently in his file from the shelter, it said that his last two vet visits were impossible because he attacked.

This time, the vet tech used gloves (massive ones with metal reinforcements), but no blood was able to be taken. After talking with the doctor, he suggested Feliway pheremones...

Which were like $50 at the store, but only 1/2 that online. So, we bought the cheap knock off collar and waited to order. But then the stray went to the shelter, the friends, left and...LOOK AT MY JAGGIE JAG!

We're not sure if it was the friends leaving, no more Bowie the stray, the fact that we took him home after the vet, or his new calming collar, but since Sunday night, he's been such a buddy! No attacks, cuddling, and yesterday he even slept with us.


I'm wondering if we even need to use the Feliway plug in. Has anyone else tried the collars? Do they wear off? I mean, I know you have to replace them monthly, but does the effect eventually stop working?