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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Jailbreak the Patriarchy!

So a woman named Danielle Sucher (the first female graduate of NY's Hacker School) wrote a Chrome extension called Jailbreak the Patriarchy, and it's simple but brilliant; when turned on, it automatically reverses all of the genders in any article you read (he to she, her to him, boy to girl, woman to man, etc) to illuminate how the treatment of the genders differs.

Genius. Anyone that downloads and finds excellent examples of hilariously gender swapped articles, please share here! One genderswapped example is (copied from the article above) from one of our favorite anti-Booth Babe/geek girl rants:

They're poachers. They're a pox on our culture. As a gal, I find it repugnant that, due to my interests in comic books, sci-fi, fantasy and role playing games, video games and toys, I am supposed to feel honored that a pretty boy is in my presence. It's insulting.


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