Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As my mother put it “first time ever I saw her nervous”.

This is how every interviewer needs to conduct their interviews with her. If she tries to change the subject shut it down pronto, use extraneous examples shut it down pronto.

Jake Tapper seemed angry, very angry about the lie Trump told about rising crime rate, the lie about media not reporting about terrorism and no tweets by Trump about Quebec where five died and he tweeted about the Louvre where none died.


This is how to interview her. Bravo Jake.

Update: She lied at the one minute mark. A needless lie too. She said public schools work even for her children. Her kids most recent article has them at a private school Elizabeth Morrow School. https://www.donaldtrumpbuzz.com/gossip/will-kellyanne-conway-send-kids-sidwell/

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