I thought I would update everyone after this post.

When Mr. P finally got home, we basically got in a huge yelling match about the whole situation. Things took a turn for the ridiculous when he stormed off into the basement and slammed the door shut. I was right behind him. Apparently, he was just standing on the other side, facing the door, so when I opened it, it went right into his toe and stubbed it. It was a complete accident and I apologized, but he was all "I CAN'T TALK ABOUT THIS ANY MORE, MY TOE HURTS."

We ended up sort of making up and agreeing to talk about it later, which due to our schedules didn't end up being until Friday night. That talk went much better. He apologized for the miscommunication* and said that he wouldn't care if I changed my flight, but he didn't want to pay to change his too. I was surprised he didn't want to leave when I did based on what he said before, but I think it worked out for the best. My friend will be busy with her conference during the day, so I was worried he would be all "You made us change our flights and your friend isn't even here! How is this worth the money it cost?" (It's not really, but it would've cost zero dollars for me to be home while she is here if he had just double checked with me before he booked the flights to begin with).

I just finalized the change and even after all that, I was hovering my mouse over the "purchase" button wondering if I really should hit it. It was more expensive than I was hoping, but cheaper than I thought it was going to be to change both our tickets. I did it though. Even with the change fee, the trip is still going to be a pretty great deal since we are paying next to nothing for the house we are staying in. I feel much better about this trip already. I think that knowing that I'll have an entire day of traveling alone after spending a week around other people will help me feel less stressed out about the whole thing.

My mom was in town visiting yesterday and I was telling her about the trip and showing her photos of the place we are staying, and I'm already finding myself focusing on the good instead of the bad like I was before he even messed up the flights. The fact that it is March 23rd and it was 10 degrees out this morning didn't hurt either!



Before I felt like this about the trip:


Now I feel like this:


But still not quite:


*Well, according to him it was a miscommunication. According to me, he decided that one very simple sentence meant a whole lot more than it did, based on absolutely nothing. I honestly don't think he did it on purpose or was trying to trick me into staying longer. It wouldn't be the first time he's done something like this. Usually it is over something small, like whether or not I want to go out to dinner, not whether or not I want to stay in Jamaica for two extra days. He thinks I confirm/double check things too much, but I'm hoping after this he has learned that maybe that is not such a terrible thing.