Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am not appropriately outraged at this. The following are my reasons and please flame me if I am just blatantly missing everything.

1) Age of consent - I am a strong believer that if I ask people to stay out of my sex life with consenting adults, they should stay out of mine.


2) Power dynamic - I do believe there is a celebrity/fan, rich person/unrich person etc power disparity. But just because the disparity is there, does not mean the less powerful one is being manipulated or coerced. Power disparity /= relationship based on power.

Otherwise we would be asking people to only date within their socioeconomic class, race, etc. Hell, we'd basically just tell people not to date heterosexually, since there is always some element of power disparity there - whether it be male privilege or the "fact" (idea) that women have more control over sex in a relationship. I once dated a really REALLY fucking rich guy. Like, never have to worry about money in his life rich. There was power disparity, but I wasn't manipulated by him.

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