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James Franco "Learned His Lesson"... About Social Media

Uggghhhhh. Look, regardless of what I said yesterday, I want to be clear on one point: James Franco's reaction to the whole scandal has been shitty. He put up a disclaimer on his Instagram saying not to DM him if you're under 18 (keeping in mind that he DM'd this girl after asking her to tag him in a video so he could find her on Instagram in the first place). He re-tweeted a meme that asked him why he was "thirsty for the young ones," and laughingly saying that mothers should keep their teens away from him because he doesn't want them. And now he's gone on a talk show to basically say that social media and the young girls who use it to exploit him are "tricky."

He "learned his lesson," but not about picking up 17 year old girls he doesn't know, rather about being more careful about choosing those 17 year olds, I guess.


I do want to clarify/apologize on a point: calling his behavior respectful was silly. It wasn't respectful — as many have said, it was simply not terrible. And not terrible is not automatically the same as good. I still don't think he did anything legally or morally wrong, although I have a personal problem with the age difference. More because I know the kind of 30-something men who hit on me when I was 17-19 and none of them seemed like great people.

Anyway, I am sorry for not being clearer with my own thoughts yesterday, and if anyone feels that I was in any way rude or dismissive of theirs.

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