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James Franco Ostensibly Reviews 12 Years a Slave, Rants About Shame Instead

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While reviewing 12 Years a Slave, James Franco made a quick left turn and began talking about the things he disliked and found problematic or just plain silly about Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender's last collaboration, Shame.


The critical excerpts:

“He wasn’t such an addict in my opinion, though. I mean, what did he do? Watch porn and screw a handful of people a week? I could point to quite a few folks who do that.And that scene where he’s at his lowest point and wants to fuck and goes into a gay club, and it’s depicted like the seventh level of hell… I mean, it goes back to the horrible representations of gays in the 70s, where the gay club is meant to signify everything dark and depraved. Then the guy gets a minor blowjob, from, Oh no, a man! The horror!”


I have to admit that I hated Shame, partly for the reasons that James mentions and partly just because I thought it was overwrought and boring. But I did remember thinking that there was something very odd about the scene in which a straight, sex-addicted man goes on a sex bender and the very shameful climax is first a tame beej from a dude, and then a threesome with two women.

Has anyone seen 12 Years, by the way? I watched Thor 2 last night, so I wouldn't mind raising the brow a bit but I had a hard time sitting through Shame.

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