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James Hodgkinson Was A Terrorist

Let’s not call him anything else. He tried bringing terror to the capital and to the US. He was a leftist and Bernie supporter but he was a terrorist too.

I do not care how angry you are at Trump winning or how angry you are with republicans. I have written enough about my hatred towards them.


No matter how angry, full of rage you are it is not a reason to shoot anyone. Period. You raise arms against them you raise arms against the government and all of us.

This act of terrorism is going to spiral to more acts of terror. You know a far righter will do the same. Its not if but when. Our environment was already toxic this act of terrorism may have been the match that will cause more. I hope I am dead wrong. Human nature tells me no.


Are you angry like I am then march, go to town halls, blog, shout even, call the White House or your local rep. Want to commit an act of violence? Walk away and get help to stop your violent wants.

This was a terorist act on our government and our elected officials. Let’s not give him excuses like “well he was angry” (many of us are no excuse actually this excuse makes me angry),.”they were republicans” (don’t care they were still lawfully elected officers voted by the people to represent them they were also fellow humans let’s not forget that. Once we forget that then we are lost.)


Sorry if I sound stern. To me this needs to be condemned harshly and without mercy and called for what it was an act of terrorism.

Also yes they were victims, their districts were victims and so weren’t all of us..it makes the toxic atmosphere worse making all our elected officials just that much more vulnerable. They were also victims in that they are humans with families.


I vividly recall in 1981 when Reagen was shot and as much as I hated him. I remember how upset I was that he was shot. I realized my hatred took a backseat that day and I realized “he is my president and no one shoots at my president”. It never meant I liked him but at times you need to look at things without partisan lens. A shooting is one of those times. My feelings about 1981 and today are mingled and hard to explain. Both were terrorist acts. Both wanted to disrupt and harm violently our government.

Sorry for my sternest.

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