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I just watched the rather atrocious In the Forest of the Night, with regards to which the less said the better.

But... the last two episodes of Doctor Who were awesome! Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline, both written by Jamie Mathieson, were both really fun and engaging and cohesive.

And when I looked him up, it turned out that he also wrote some really awesome episodes of Being Human UK (well, imo all the episodes of Being Human UK were awesome).


I was going to say I hope he becomes one of the regular rotation Doctor Who writers, but he's apparently been tapped to lead the writing on some sci fi series based on a french comic. Still, I hope we see more from him on Doctor Who.

His episodes pulled me back in after Kill the Moon nearly made me quit (the woman astronaut and the last scene being the two exceptions to an otherwise craptastic episode).

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