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Did anyone see this ad for Gorsuch? In the ad Jane says he is “fair minded”, “approaches each case the same” and “respectful”.

His job description from first day on the job is to be “fair minded”. A judge who does not show fairness well it can be part of an appeal. Fair minded is a given. Although acting fair minded is different from thinking fairly.

“Approaching each case the same” no one expecrs any judge to shout with glee night before a case and depressed the next over another case. Yet even that means nothing, a judge would approach a case of murder differently then a lawsuit.since it would involve different statuates, different cases. If approach means being respectful and fair minded well I can assume he is civilized.


Respectful. Can we just assume that he is a civilized human being. Respectful to both sides mean nothing. I expect a judge to be respectful to both side’s lawyer. Respect and agreeing with your case are two different things. I expect he will be as respectful to the antichoice side as well as the prochoice.

To me the entire ad comes down to “he is a civilized human being and acts like a professional”. Yeah. We pretty much know this. Yet it means nothing. Liberal judges are like this and right wing judges also. It says nothing about how they will decide.

I do not know if President Obama appointed her and knows her or if she was just someone in DOJ hired her because of her resume not because of her political views.

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