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Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford

Why has there yet to be a film or major novel written from the perspective of Lady Rochford?*

She had a position in the households of five out of Henry VIII's six queens. She was sister-in-law to Anne Boleyn and a key figure in the judgments against both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. She was executed herself alongside the latter.

Jane came to Court in her teens as a lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon. She was chosen as one of the players in the Chateau Vert masquerade —which also featured the Boleyn sisters. She married George Boleyn in 1525. The marriage is said to be an unhappy one. George was known to be promiscuous, and Jane may have been jealous of he and Anne's close bond, as well as Anne's sophistication and social success.


In the wake of accusations of treason and adultery against Queen Anne, it was Lady Rochford who notoriously gave the testimony that Anne had committed incest with her brother, thus dooming her own husband to death. Later on, she helped arrange trysts between Queen Catherine and Thomas Culpepper, which led to her demise. There's such perfect karma there, it's a wonder no one's seen fit to lay it out as cinematic prose.

Jane's historical reputation is villainous to say the least, but I daresay there's potential for her to be portrayed as not entirely unsympathetic.

So hypothetically, if I were to write this screenplay, who would we cast as Lady Rochford? Anne Boleyn? George Boleyn? Catherine Howard? And is anyone as fascinated by Lady Rochford as I am?

(*Other than Vengeance Is Mine by Brandy Purdy which is supposedly mediocre to awful.)

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