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Jane Elliott Brown Eye Blue Eye: Any Teachers or Students Use This Lesson?


Has anyone here done this test as either teacher or student? My “give me a break” meter is through the roof. I can see it kinda working on 3rd graders above that especially adults no.

It comes across as roleplay. Actually it is roleplay. You know rationally its an experiment and lesson but know in a few hours its done. People who are discriminated against for any reason it may never end and high chance will not


With this experiment its over and you go about your day. You may feel during this roleplay being discriminated against but you have to know on some level its roleplay. Also there is no fear of violence.

I am not sure on some level it minimizes what folks of bigotry go through since what they go through is not temporary with they at times have a fear of violence.

How I came across this was in my youtube subscription a video interview with her. So I looked her up, found her website and got skeptical.

So anyone been involved with this test.

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