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Japanese Question for My Girl Kyosuke

So one of Le Petit Comte's favorite TV shows (one of two or three that he watches) is Okaasan to Issho (おかあさんといっしょ). Monsieur subscribes to NHK in an attempt to help him with his language studies and LPC is obsessed.

ANYWAY. It's really difficult to find clips/lyrics/etc. online a) because I do not speak Japanese and therefore do not know what to look up and b) NHK makes it difficult. But there's one song that is super precious and LPC loves it, and I would love to learn all the words so I can sing it with him. The only line I know is the first (which is repeated a whole bunch)...


"Oh sushi, sushi, sushi!" and you sing this while pretending your index and middle fingers are chopsticks and moving them between the palm of your hand and the palm of your kids. I know some songs are specific to the show, but I know they sing others that are simply popular Japanese children's songs (for example, they've done 犬のおまわりさん, another favorite of ours). Any chance the "sushi song" is one of those? If so, do you think you could send me a transliteration? Thanks in advance!

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