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Jason Momoa will star in the alleged new 'The Crow'

I mean, I have to be totally honest here, I will not truly believe in the existence of this film until I am literally sitting in the cinema (or in my living room if it’s direct to home release) and the opening credits start.

Anyway, Jason Momoa has allegedly been cast as Eric and it will allegedly start filming next year. I *think* Jessica Brown Findlay is still Shelly and Andrea Riseborough is still a gender-flipped Top Dollar but I could be totally wrong about this.

And as far as the great remake/reboot debate goes, I’m cautiously supporting a new Crow film so far. It’s apparently not a remake of the Brandon Lee film, they’re having a new crack at the comic book and apparently it will be closer in plot and style this time. The original “Crow” movie was one of those things where the adaptation completely overtook the source material for, well, obvious reasons.

But yeah. Jason Momoa is an interesting choice for an Eric closer to the comic book character, who was an average joe mechanic, not the lead guitarist in an indie rock band.


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