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Jaundiced Cat

I posted not long ago about my cat Luke who was neutered last week and got some amazing feedback and advice here, so thanks for that. Today I am again in need of some guidance as to how serious an issue with my other cat, Charlie.

Charlie is about 8 y/o who has been struggling with an infection on and off for a few months. He is currently on his 3rd round of liquid oral antibiotics. He was in the vet one week ago yesterday and his white count was elevated still so we agreed that we would try more antibiotics and have him return back for another blood count in ten days (sometime this week). The first visit to the vet prior to the one last Saturday, he had an X-ray yielding nothing out of the ordinary and the vet said that the next step would be an ultrasound.

About two days ago he stopped eating. I am not sure on the day exactly as I have another kitty recovering from surgery and feel like a bad pet owner because I wasn't more in tune with what was going on with Charlie. Anyway, he never seems to have been a big drinker but I saw he wasn't drinking anything and has been noticeably lethargic, losing weight like crazy in the past 2-3 days. Last night I noticed in the light of the bathroom (around 1am) that his skin appeared to be jaundice in two little bald spots right above his eyes and also in his ears. I wasn't sure what it was, or if cats could even get jaundice d/t higher bilirubin...


I know he needs to go to the vet asap but I'm broke guys. The vet has me tapped out after three office visits for Charlie, antibiotics, special protein treats that go for $25 for a small bag, prescription food, the X-ray, etc. I also forked over the cash for Luke to be neutered last week as well as the meds for aftercare. I know Charlie, my little war buddy, who has been with me through so much needs care but I can't afford a trip to an ER vet. I have to work in the morning and cannot take time off. My s/o can't either because he just started a new job and has classes after work. The soonest I can take him in is tomorrow after work. I feel awful for him and have been crying randomly and embarrassingly.

The better news is that he has been eating starting last night. He has had some dry food, a little bit of water, and tuna. Don't know if the tuna is a bad idea but I laid out five little plates with different types of cat food just to try and get him to get something in his system. I have not seen him ingest much water and I do have a dropper that I could use to force fluids but hate doing that. He gets scared and hides and I just don't know if putting him through the stress is worth it at this time. From what I've read online says that the increased bili is d/t his liver metabolizing his fat for an energy source (causing the weight loss) all because he stopped eating, for reasons that are unknown at this time. He is resting right now in a little fort that I made him with a blanket and pillows... its a comfort to him when he is sick, or at least I think it is. He lets me pet him and is snuggly, I'm so worried about my lil furball friend. Is tomorrow night too long to wait on this? I really can't miss work. Its just not an option.

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