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Jaundiced Cat/ Update on Charlie

Charlie went in to the vet yesterday and got fluids, ate some food but was still lethargic. He had an ultrasound of the abdomen this morning and it wasn't good. His gallbladder is 'huge', partially obstructed common bile duct, and he has an inflamed liver. I found this out while I was at work, trying to fix a computer. I wasn't ready for the news. They said surgery could cost upwards of $4000. Hospitalization around $1800. Euthanasia, huge amounts of guilt for not being able to have done more because of my unfortunate financial situation.

He is at the vet now, while I figure it out and I'm trying to think of what I can sell, ha. I know that I will use my small savings for my wedding to take care of this. My mom understands, my brother thinks I should put him down. With inpatient treatment and care he has a "guarded chance" and if he does respond well, he may very well end up back in the same place in another week. Even so, I want to try. Maybe because I did not wake up this morning thinking this would happen and it has not yet sunk in, maybe I am not willing to let him go when I should. I was feeling good that I'd found a way to get him an ultrasound for a reasonable amount and there was a plan in place. Maybe over the next day or so I can become more realistic but right now, its pure emotion. Charlie is my sidekick, my warbuddy. We've been side by side every night for almost 9 years. My heart is heavy.


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