Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey GT, so I’m on the hunt for some jeans and work pants and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for a thicker lower half. Cut for talk of body shape stuff and sizing.

My waist and legs are quite a bit smaller than my butt and hips. I’ve generally stuck with leggings at my current job because it’s a little more relaxed in dress code, and pants shopping has been such a pain in the ass (literally! I’ve got jokes) that I decided to say fuck it and live in elastic waistbands for the past year. I have one pair of black jeans right now, I think they’re a size 12 but I can grab a big handful of fabric and pull it out from the thigh area, same thing with the waist, but it’s still a little tight in the booty region.


I’m looking for a big person job and would like to look more put together (and I want the jeans for going-out purposes, when I want to wear a nice blouse). Does anyone have any recommendations as far as brands or styles to try? At some point I’ll have to give up and buy something that I can get altered, but I’m trying to save that as a last resort

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