I just need to vent this out cuz I honestly have no clue what just happened.

I told my mom I'm going to see Consort's mom in the hospital and she just started flipping out on me!

Mom: This is ridiculous. You have work to do.

Me: Yes, and I'll do it. But I'd like to see his mom who just had major surgery.

Mom: You saw her yesterday. You told me you'd be home tonight.

Me: So? And I said that last week before she had major surgery!

Mom: You told me to get on your ass about school and this is what you do to me?!

Me: What the hell? What am I doing to do? You're making it sound like I'm going out clubbing.

Mom: But you have work to do!

Me: And I'll do it! What makes you think I won't do it?

Mom: Cuz you're going out and you'll be out til 5am.

Me: I'm going to see someone in the hospital!

Mom: But then you're going back to his house!

Me: To watch a movie! The boy's mom is in the hospital and he's upset! He has work tomorrow anyway so I'll be out by like 11 pm. Seriously you're making it out like I'm going out to a bar all night.

Mom: Are you going to do this to me next semester when I get on your ass about school? Do you even want to graduate?

Me: When have I ever not gotten my school work done? And I have a 3.0. I'm not exactly at risk of being thrown out of school.

Mom: When will you be home?

Me: Never. I'm actually going to drop out of school entirely and go live with Consort and become a drug cartel. Bye ma.

Mom: Will you be home tomorrow?

Me: I already said I would.

Mom: Yeah I may take off of work tomorrow too...

I really don't understand how my mom's mind works sometimes.

I'm taking a shower now.