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Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Obsession is About Racism

Make no mistake, despite the possible silver linings and people’s insistence on laughing away Sessions’ obsession with marijuana, it is serious shit. It’s serious because it’s not his friends’ college-aged grandsons who go snowboarding in Colorado that he’s going after. It’s not going to be a bunch of people at a Widespread Panic concert, or who work in the head shop on the boardwalk at the beach. The War on Drugs is racist and it is in a racist administration’s best interest to keep the war going.

Sessions is not only obsessed with marijuana, but he’s wrong about it. Like everyone in that administration, he’s just a lying liar. They only lie for personal gain: it only comes in the form of money or public support (which comes to them quickly and easily via racism).


This is to be a tool to detain people of color. He wants to crack down on decriminalization and legalization because he wants to be able to arrest more black and brown people, and hopefully get more of them deported.

The War on Drugs is racist, and any effort to beef it up is racist. Nixon’s top advisor admitted as much. This HuffPo article by Michelle Alexander (author of The New Jim Crow) does a good job discussing this, I think.

The drug war has never been focused on rooting out drug kingpins or violent offenders. Federal funding flows to those agencies that increase dramatically the volume of drug arrests, not the agencies most successful in bringing down the bosses. What gets rewarded in this war is sheer numbers of drug arrests.


So anyway, everyone get out your hacky-sacks* and fight for legalization (or at least decriminalization) like you’re a pothead!

*Do the kids still do that?

I am personally a little bit torn on weather full legalization is a good idea everywhere (I am mostly there, but I do respect the concerns about driving and stuff, and there’s also this (by Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow) about how only white people are benefiting from legalization so far). However, I am in full support of decriminalization (also since I am an occasional user, haha).

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