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A bit ago, I talked about my food experiments. That sounds so much more technical than it really is. After reading posts assuring me that it's neither silly nor vain to publicly document my cooking things, I thought that perhaps I would start a blog.

But I never did. Because no reason.

Just now in Natface's thread, I mentioned my solid lotion bars. I explained them, and then thought to myself "hey, maybe people would be interested in this stuff too?"


So I did it. I created a blog. I've recovered most of the recipes from my dead computer, and I have photos of steps I took in some of those recipes.

Right now, I just have an intro up. My first post will be the spinach bagels, since that seemed to juice peoples' lemons. (Is that a thing? I just made it up, and if it's not a thing, I'd like to make it a thing. A positive one, not like "tans my hide" or "chaps my ass.")


My only goals right now are to document what I do, share (and learn!) recipes and techniques, and NOT end up on Get Off My Internets.

ETA WELL I'M A FUCKING LIAR, BECAUSE MY BAGEL RECIPE IS GONE! Fear not, GTers, I will make another batch of bagels this weekend and will photograph and post.

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