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Jennifer Lawrence: Beneficence and Magnanimity

Mr. MacNasty gets... worked up, let's say, about some random shit. Like Jennifer Lawrence. Whom apparently he'd barely heard of before this:


He started huffing about it last night, but we'd been drinking over the loss of our shitty cable box* and didn't want to get into it. Because he can't let things go, however, this morning he sends me this email (with the above URL included):

"What's up with that? What has she done to be the living embodiment of anything?"


Me, sighing, in reply: "Why you drinkin' so much haterade, MacNasty? It was a nice thing to do. I still like her. ;P"

And here, his glorious response: "I don't hate her. She's an arrow-shootin' superhero. Just thought you might know what she's done to become the 'living embodiment of beneficence and magnanimity.' That's some heavy shit."

So, dearest GTers, what should I say? What HAS our lovely Ms. Lawrence done to wear the heavy crown of 'beneficence and magnanimity?


*Don't even fucking ask. Suffice to say I hate Time Warner Cable with the fiery rage of a thousand burning suns.

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