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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Jenny Learns Us, Part 56

Jenny McCarthy is back, this time to tell us what's really important about ecigs. She's single and the most important thing about ecigs is that they give her the freedom to smoke without all that icky smoke that drives men away! You know that a wider dating pool is more important than your health, amirite ladies? Also, no more yellow teeth!

Apparently, including men who smoke, who taste icky! Even to other smokers? Fits in your bra!

Bonus points to Blu ecigs for having commercials on their corporate youtube channel— on their commercials.


ETA: I tagged this inane, Jenny McCarthy, redundant tags, but the GT display isn't showing more than one tag.

ETA2: Yes, I know how multiple tags are supposed to work. I'm saying that they are not working for my browser. GT has a different styesheet and it tends to not work in that browser. I am currenty also having a .js connectivity issue on that computer. Stahp.

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