Backstory: Someone linked to Jenny Trout's hilarious, infuriating and ultimately sad Jen Reads 50 Shades of Grey. I enjoy kink so it's been so hard not to just give in and download it to see what all of the fuss was about, but at the certain cost of Jenny's mental health, her recap spared me.

So recently I had downloaded The Boss by Abigail Barnette (free right now on Amazon) with serious billionaire-Dom overload wariness. (There are at least eleventy billion free kindle books about billionaires in this country, all with a desire to have sex every single day, for hours, in their super-secret dungeons, with their kind of naive 24 yo assistants. That plot.. it's over. Stop.) But, free kink is free kink, so, moving on! And unexpectedly I found myself laughing out loud, as the author intended, not in that "oh gods, this is wretched" way, relating to the characters, and enjoying the hell out of the sex scenes as well as the actual honest-to-god plot. (I'd have preferred a slightly - just slightly - older protagonist given her job, but, fiction.)

About five or six chapters in I started wondering which of you GTers wrote the book. It's just too good. It's "our" tone. Enthusiastic consent isn't just exhibited, it's expressly dictated with the exact term. Every time she picked up her laptop, I expected Sophie to log into GT to hint to her internet friends that things were going very well in her sex life.

About halfway through I googled the author, and lo and behold, I don't know how I missed it on her 50 Shades recap pages, but Abigail Barnette is Jenny Trout's erotica pen name. Aha.


Halfway through the freebie I downloaded the sequel, The Girlfriend, for $4 and pretty ironically proceeded to ignore UncleK for the next two days as I finished the two books.

So Jenny, I know you're here. And I wanted to tell you that I freaking loved, I mean LOVED these books. The writing about the, hmm, no spoilers... the conflict throughout the second book is beautiful and incredibly painful and perfection.

Enthusiastic-consent feminist kink lovers, go d/l the freebie now. Go for the kink, stay for the story.