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I know a few people round these parts have been known to watch Top Gear on occasion, and I'm not sure whether this will make news elsewhere. On the back of his "final warning" for repeating a massively racist nursery rhyme on camera last year, Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended for a "fracas" with a producer. Details of the nature of the "fracas" aren't clear, but it must be something fairly serious to have resulted in his suspension.

Whatever happened on this occasion, I feel like the BBC has sat on this for too long. We know that Clarkson is not a nice man. They've put up with repeated bouts of unacceptable behaviour because Top Gear is a cash cow.


On a personal level, I hope this leads to a complete overhaul of Top Gear. If it was a fun magazine show about cars rather than a platform for its hosts to behave like dickheads, I could get with that.

And, working in an engineering office, I look forward to a time when I can avoid the minute-by-minute catchback commentary on Monday morning when I tell my colleagues that I haven't seen it. If I tell you I haven't watched something every time you've asked (i.e. every time it's been on) for the past two years, it probably means I'm not interested.

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