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Jerk I work with - the "business trip" edition

As a refresher, Jerk I work with (JIWW) is a jerk. He is entitled, he incredibly self-important, and he's a jerk.

So, my friend is our Benefits/HR/Admin/Travel person. She kinda does it all in the office. So she tells me at lunch that JIWW let her know that he "HAS to go on a business trip to Hawaii." For business. It's important. For business.


Oh, and "Can the company pay for my wife's plane ticket too, so that our seats will be next to one another... I'll pay the company back." Cause the trip that he HAS to make to Hawaii is legit for business. It's important. For business.

I seriously cannot stop laughing.

ETA: Apparently he's now getting mad at my HR friend because she's not bending over backwards to make this happen (she's telling him it has to be approved first by the higher ups/her bosses). He griped at her that it was approved and she told him that someone else had to tell her that for her to book the tickets. And apparently his response was "If you wait too long then the tickets are going to go up and I won't be able to afford my wife's ticket!" For the business trip... hahahahahaha

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