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Jerk I work with - the maternity leave edition

"Jerk I work with" could probably be my semi-regular column here on GT. As a sampling of previous: told me my BA and MA are basically crap because I went to one of the large state universities which is sports rivals with another one of the large state universities that he likes (but didn't actually go to). "Where did you go to school?" (response) "Oh... I'm sorry, that's really unfortunate."

Told one of our company interns that she should get an MBA if she hopes to amount to anything.


Didn't like an answer that came from our company president and senior vice president, so he went to the president of the other company with which we were working on a project.

Told my office mate that our company president would be justified in not hiring her because she is a reservist and has to be gone on the occasional Friday, as well as a few weeks a year, and has the potential to be deployed.

Told same individual that she was setting a bad example for her year old son because she took the easy way out and didn't go active duty.

Well... it's happened again...

My office mate is pregnant again. This is no surprise to everyone who listened when the announcement was made a month ago. But apparently it was news to 'jerk I work with.' "Wait, you're pregnant? AGAIN?!" "Surprise!" He then went on to tell her that our company president also shouldn't have hired her because she keeps having to take off time for maternity leave.


and THEN he proceeds to complain about how women get all of this maternity leave "given" to them, but men don't get anything and it's just not fair that my office mate gets "paid to have a baby" by the company.

I just... I can't... I don't... no words!

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