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Jessii Vee's Ontario Story I Found No Proof Its Real Anyone From There Know tw death

I have been following her youtube channel she has said her house is haunted. Today she gave a reason that is easily verifiable but found no proof.








On her description section she has listed a PO Box in Brampton Ontario and she said many times she lives in Canada. Typically a person has a PO Box in town they live.


She has found mysterious footprints in the forest next to her house. During the last few weeks she said her house was haunted and said people died in car crashes in the past on her street. Ok probably true for most roads.

Today she gave a reason about what is going on with the forest. Yet all easily found online but found nothing.

She said the bodies of a mother and daughter were found dead in the forest in 2010 and they were months old. Ok a mother and daughter missing usually news. Both found dead in a forest. Yeah thatl mom and daughter found dead in the forest wuld have been a major story especially found dead because her mother did something to her daughter (sounds like murder suicide).

Now she said the bodies were found in 2010. This story has unique markers all verifiable on google. “Mother daughter bodies forest 2010 Brampton Ontario” Nothing found. So I trimmed search, found nothing then left it at “ mother daughter bodies found Ontario forest”. I spent an hour googling her story.


Lesson when telling a story about dead people don’t give a recent year with unique attributes like possible murder suicide, dead for many months, a mother and daughter and found in forest. All these weeks have seen her explain her paranormal issues and while totally skeptiçal I played along. Then say a story which would have been a big news story in 2010 yet there is zero proof it happened. Credibility is gone.

Yet I do not live in Ontario so could this story have been buried for 6 years? Although I never found article she referenced.


Reminds me of Dear David you could play along until the showing of a doll as David. Killed credibility.

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