Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This a re-post from ArtClub, that I'm reposting on GT on the request of barelylethal, in response to her crafting post, a couple of posts down.

I read a great essay last year by a guy called Jesse Thorn on the creative process, and the things that we get hung up that can prevent that process. It was actually a transcript from a radio interview that I've linked to here;


It's basically a list of 12 ideas that he's synthesized when talking to other creative people, like Kate Beaton, the creator of "Hark, a Vagrant"

This is the list,which I've modified a touch, but check out the link, because he really fleshes out the ideas there.


1. Start making stuff now; stop planning and do

2. Make deadlines

3. Keep moving; if something doesn't work, try something else, "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"


4. Don't confuse content & medium

5. Be authentic and true to your own vision

6. Follow your passion

7. Focus on great work; do the best you can, and don't scatter your energy on project creep


8. Connect with people you like; network with like-minded congenial types

9. Own what you create

10. Find the money; funding can come from unexpected places (hint; connecting with people you like can lead to funding)


11. Build a community; be nice to your fans

12. Do a good job.

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