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Jesus Christ America*

What the fuck are you doing?!?!?

Seriously. If some guy walked into a restaurant I was in with a gun that big I would SHIT BRICKS. And then I would scream to high heavens and hit the fucking floor.


I get that lots of Americans are super into their second amendment rights (that were written 200 years ago (give or take) by men who could never have imagined the technology we have available now) but why does your right to walk around with an ASSAULT RIFLE trump my right to feel safe? At what point do you reasonably need an assault rifle in your daily life? Seriously? Name ONE time you were casually walking down the street and you thought "Damn, shoulda brought my rifle today."**

I'm not being very coherent here because I'm still stunned at the fucking SIZE of the gun in that video.

No. No guns. You don't need them.*** Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. And doesn't the boundary of "in public" stop when you enter a private establishment like a restaurant? I actually don't know the answer to that so that's a genuine question.

In any case, suffice it to say, my black ass will not be going anywhere NEAR these deranged gun-toting fuckers.


ETA: Also this. For reasons.


*I am perfectly aware that not everyone agrees with the open carry laws or whatever. This is more general "America." Like, "assholes who genuinely think they need assault rifles to get Starbucks" America.

** That doesn't involve wanting to shoot people for racist (or any kind of bigoted) reasons.


*** Usual caveats about hunting for food etc.

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