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Jesus Christ Superstar NBC Live Orchestra and Sarah Bareilles Were The Stars

The start with the orchestra was pure brilliance. The members actually moved around on stage playing. Fantastic choreography and musical playing. This is how all future JCS performances should be done. I always thought the musical prelude took a bit too long but this performance utilized every second to entertain and awe.

The open scene with orchestra wow.

The commercials drove me up a wall. A song cut to a commercial. When you are watching a performance on stage it destroys the flow and turns it into moments not a flowing performance.


Brandon Vincent Dixon had moments that were good. My Mind Is Clearer Now was quite good, when he acted with Jesus he was good. The end song sucked beyond belief. Why the hell was he breakdancing at one point? Its a song of mockery not a happy song. The words did not go with the emotions.

The song Simon sang. Ok until this point the performance was rather strong. The scene before the Pharisee(sp) sang and they sang that Jesus is “dangerous” and he must die. Simon’s performance was meant to prove their point.


Simon sings very well. Erik Branwell is good as him. Yet the scene is suppose to have a cache of weapons that Simon and his followers hold.This performance there is no cache. He just sings as well as his followers.

Does not prove the point of how Jesus is dangerous. To me after that it just never was as good as the start through the Pharasees (sp) conspiring.


Sarah Bareilles wow. Simply wow. Yvonne Elliman will always be the definitive Mary but Sarah is a worthy heir. How Do I Love Him was fantastic but her Can We Start Again Please was incredible. She unlike Dixon stayed in character throughout the performance. She had the best post Simon scenes.

John Legend better voice then he showed in All of Me and snippet promo. I reallyliked how he did Gesthemene it had a Soul/R&B vibe to it. I really, really liked it. Neeley still did a better job in the movie but I liked this versions adaptation.


The 2000 version except for the orchestra and Bareilles. I vastly preferred the 2000 Jesus and Judas especially Judas. Although Dixon has a better voice his performance was subpar to it. Carl Anderson also was better.

John Legend as Jesus good but came across as nervous at times. Not sure if he wanted to convey Jesus was nervous or did this performance make him nervous.


Alice Cooper the performance seemed like a casting stunt. He was not bad.

Anyone like it?

I wish it was on Fox so they could do a promo of Lucifer, Dr Linda and Amendial offering commentary during commercials while watching it on tv.


Lucifer: They never mention Jesus spent three days with me to nurse. The savagery was horrible and the psychological destruction done on him incredible.

Dr Linda: You nursed him?

Lucifer: Of course he is my half brother. As bad as Dad treated me what he put Jesus though a half human was worse. His own son.


Amendial: Jesus though could not sing

Dr Linda: John Legend is good.

Lucifer: No doctor the real Jesus have you read about his singing v9ice?

Dr Linda: No.

Lucifer: The writers wanted to forget his singing voice.

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