This song Heaven on Their Minds is sung by Jodie Steele. Not sure how popular she is.

Her version is fantastic. The lines “every word will be twisted around the other way” and “they will crush us if they think you are lying”. My word this so reminds me of the campaign where Hillary’s statements were constantly twisted along with her actions. Oh yeah they always thought she was lying. Well thought she was lying for 30 plus years.

Hillary did not have a Judas. Yet Hillary did go up against a Patriarchial system and her gender and her words were constantly used against her.

I would.if I was directng JCS do a total gender switch. A female Jesus would still be called Jesus though, for simplicity sake. I would also have the whipping and crucifixion off stage. While Herod counts the lashes off stage, Magdaline and Petra (Peter) would sing “I Don’t Know How To Love her” after Petra denies Jesus three times. The crucifixion would be offstage too minus sound effects. Female Judas (June?) would sing theme song.

The musical makes the point of what’s happening without having to show.

I know. Thank god you are not a theater director.