Hey GT, help me de-squalor? I don't have that much jewelry or cosmetics/lotions/hair stuff, but right now what I do have just lives in a cloth bin by my bed and it's messy and hard to find anything and everything is always tangled and dusty. However my storage set-up is pretty odd, so most of the ideas on pinterest/apartment therapy don't seem great. My bedroom is really small, so we (bf and I) only have the bed and two bedside tables in it. We turned a second bedroom into a closest/storage space, but I don't have a dresser/drawers or any large, flat surfaces to store stuff in. Added to that is that the jewelry I do have is all pretty chunky/oddly shaped and includes a bunch of weird hair ornaments. Added to that, I barely ever wear this stuff, so I don't really want to make a wall hanging thing that's on display all the time.

Tldr: does anyone have ideas for a small, inconspicuous way to organize/store jewelry. Bonus points if it includes a way to store lotions/hair products.