This moring I could not watch Rep Price. I tried but kept wanting to scream in anger. Well I flicked through the channels.

I flicked to Jewelry TV and wondered “what exactly does she have on?”. It looked like a maid’s outfit. Then I realized they are selling Titanic jewelry and she has a replica staff outfit. It was very similar to the one in this picture.

Staff on Titanic most died. Drowning and/or hypothermia.

i realize the jewelry are replicas but this jewelry is only being sold because people died in one of the worst ocean disasters ever. If ship had sailed to New York would it be jewelry from Lusitania being sold?

It just seems ghoulish. I understand people are intrigued by the incident, I get it. I do not know if money is going towards a Titanic charity like a museum or for education or lining someones pockets.


Convince me its not ghoulish.