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Jezebel and Groupthink: A Quadruped Bias

As you all may have noticed, attitudes towards animals on this site vary greatly depending on whether or not the animals in question have 4 legs or 2.

Every day on the mainpage and on GT, there are endless posts about cats and dogs and rabbits and hedgehogs. Well what about the bipeds? Where are the ostriches and giant pangolins and Canada geese?

Remember, we're talking about animals who are literally 2 legs short of 4. Yet they're often ridiculed and derided by people who claim to be feminists.


Within the past few hours, two groupthink members (who have also commented on mainpage articles at some point...I think...maybe? fuck it they totally have) have made groupthink posts about their quadrupeds. No-one has attacked their articles with claims of quadruped elitism, yet posts regarding bipeds like the one on swans in NYC or anything about Sarah Palin are always greeted with snark.

If you have trouble with bipeds, don't take it out on other people.

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