So how many more Kimye/Vogue posts do you think Jezebel is gonna squeeze out before they move on to the next clickbait? Two? Five?

They're already at four posts (by my count) but no way are they done. That baby's gonna be at every grocer's checkout line for four weeks. Plenty of time to throw out a few more angles. You gotta figure there is at least one more story once newsstand numbers are in — either to snicker at its failure or tremble in the face of its success. Plus something in the vein of "What does it all MEAN for fashion, pop culture and the price of tea in China?!" And if they ask for un-retouched photos, that's an easy third post.

Don't get me wrong, I'll click on at least half of them. It just seems that people have lot of feelings and thoughts about them and Jezebel ain't about to let those page-views slip away. *shrugs shoulders* I wouldn't.

Update 1 (3/24): Since originally posting this at ~1:30, there have been TWO additional posts. That's three Kimye/Vogue posts today.

Update 2 (5/8): Oh, Jezebel, you never disappoint. Now, I could be wrong about the exact number, but including this newest one, I counted seven more posts about the Kimye Vogue since my first update. I think they are up to twelve stories in all about it (give or take one or two).


Has this gravy train finally pulled into its last station or is there more to come? Dun dun dun!