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Because this is happening. Seriously, why hasn't this happened yet?

WHEN!!? September 6th! 7pm onwards! For those coming just out of work at that time, I anticipate we'll probably go until 11pm and no one will actually show up until 8, because it's DC the magical land where punctuality doesn't exist.


WHERE?!?! The Big Hunt! I figure it's cheap and we're probably all staffers and unpaid interns anyway. 'sob' Unless people have an objection.

HOW I GET THERE?!?! Metro: DUPONT. Because I live in NW DC and don't feel like dragging my butt across state lines. Sorry Alexandria/Arlington folks! Also, generally, I can't endorse driving in DC in good faith.

I suggest everyone bring a cat picture or a picture of their favorite animal. Naturally, mine will be of the majestic Capybara. That way we can all awkwardly hold up cat pictures and scare off the normals while creating an adorable signal for the other members of the Cabal.

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