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jezebel EIC hospitalized after accident

Jezebel editor-in-chief Emma Carmichael and her cousin suffered serious injuries Thursday after a three-vehicle accident. “With one surgery down and another to go, she’s expected to make a full recovery, as is her cousin,” reports Gawker Media executive editor Tommy Craggs.

From: Tommy Craggs
Date: Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 2:27 PM
Subject: Emma Carmichael
To: edit

For those of you who haven’t heard, Emma is in the ICU, recovering from serious injuries sustained in a car accident Thursday. (Details are here.)

In deference to Emma’s wish not to be fussed over, I’ll be brief: She has no head, spinal, or internal injuries, and with one surgery down and another to go, she’s expected to make a full recovery, as is her cousin. A few of your colleagues saw her over the weekend and report, via Jia Tolentino, that Emma is “doing fucking great.” We can now add pickup trucks to the list of things that should not fuck with Emma./CONTINUES

The recovery will be slow, however, and it might be a while before you see her back in the office. She’s more or less back on the grid, if you’d like to text or email her (use her personal account: [redacted]). Cards, flowers, and party balloons twisted into vulgar shapes should go to: [redacted]

Right now she’s in Room [redacted], but she’ll move to the orthopedic floor today or tomorrow. We’ll update once we know the room number.

If you’d like to visit, talk to Jia first. Best hours are between 1 and 4 p.m. I’m planning to go on Friday.

As far as Jezebel is concerned, Lacey Donohue will be stepping in to help, and all questions that would normally go to Emma should go to Erin Ryan (erin@jezebel.com). Emma will be getting regular updates, and she’ll begin to interact with the site again as her recovery allows.



From the New Haven Register


“One or two inches the wrong way and they could’ve gone over the highway and into the water. The end result was that it could’ve been a lot worse.”

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