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Jezebel, Meet Heidi

If you don't read her blog at AttackoftheSugarMonster.com, you should. She's a great writer and unbelievably honest about her life. She's coming to my Fat Studies class this week to speak, and I'm super stoked to introduce her to my students! I picked out a selection of her writings to share with my class, and I thought that you all might enjoy reading them, too. She's a survivor and a fighter and she's working damn hard to love and care for herself in a world that tells her she's worthless. So here's some of her writing in case you'd like to get to know her. :)

OH! I should add a trigger warning. Many of her entries talk about eating disorder issues and sexual abuse. Sorry I forgot to say that initially.

Summation (this is a good starting place that goes over her basic life story): http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2009/12/summat…


I Hate Weight Loss Surgery - Here's Why I'm Having It: http://kateharding.net/2007/09/18/gue…

Me, Nakey: http://thesugarmonster.livejournal.com/203394.html (Note, NSFW)

WLS - The Two-ish Year Update: http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2010/01/twoish… (Note, NSFW)

Acceptance: http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2011/06/accept…

How'd You Get So Fat?: http://thesugarmonster.livejournal.com/201795.html

Why Don't You Lock Private Entries? (About her nudity): http://thesugarmonster.livejournal.com/245312.html


Degrees of Fatness: http://sugaryumyum.tumblr.com/post/227819224…

Reveal: http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2013/01/reveal… (Again, note, NSFW)


Ugly Fat Bitch: http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2012/08/ugly-f…

How To Start Accepting Yourself: http://www.attackofthesugarmonster.com/2011/06/over-o…


And just to show what assholes people can be to fat people who try to love themselves: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Thesugarmonste… (Warning: Horrible, horrible. Will bring on rage migraines. Also NSFW.)

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