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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I am cleaning out my closet, and I have a crapload of really nice, beautiful clothes that I either can't fit into anymore, or just don't find myself wearing. Some of the stuff is from Anthropologie, JCrew, some Saks Fifth Avenue, some Urban Outfitters. It runs the gamut from casual skirts to dresses you could wear to work, to cocktail dresses... I was going to donate it to a local thrift shop, but then I wondered if any of you are in need of freshening up your wardrobes and might be interested in seeing what I have? I don't want money for it, but it'd great if you could pay for shipping. If you can't pay for shipping, I'm OK with spending a few bucks here and there to mail it, especially if it's work clothes to someone who's freshly employed or trying to be, or someone who doesn't have a job for whatever reason and just wants something fancy & fun.

I can post some of the stuff with sizes and my email address as I get further into the cleaning process. It's all in the small - medium range, with some blouses in petites. What are your thoughts?


ETA: The idea is a hit! I will post a thread probably in the next couple of weeks once the cleaning is finished. I still have to go through sweaters and a pile of dresses.

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