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Happy Saturday to all my Jezebelles and Jezebeaus! For me, summer 2013 is the summer of the garden! Now, I am a fabulous person- but a terrible gardener. Partially, my extreme allergic reactions to poison ivy(and oak, and sumac- really any urushiol based nastiness) and mosquitoes keeps me out of the great outdoors and inside my temperature controlled bubble. Added to that was my seeming inability to make things grow. Was I over watering, under? Too much or too little fertilizer? The wrong soil? Who knows- I was hopeless! I felt like a ghost in a bad movie, my mere presence seemed enough to wilt and whither even the heartiest of flora into a dead, brown husk.

But no more! I put my foot down firmly in the dirt, gathered up some food producing plants, and my boyfriend and went out to make something grow. We're cleared out the overgrown beds left to us by the previous tenants, tilled through the hard packed Georgia clay and made some stuff happen.


We currently have three tomato breeds (a Mr. Stripey, a Black Krim and a Yellow Pear) Peppers out the wazoo (Golden cayenne, Mucho Nacho jalapeno, Gypsy Sweets, Tabasco and the real kicker, a Bhut Jalokia ghost pepper plant) two different breeds of strawberries

(look at that guy! He's a baby berry!) and a couple of herbs that have taken off like they were auditioning for a Miracle Grow commercial. He and I are wicked stoked for fried tomatoes, and strawberry ice cream. We've even got labels made for the ghost pepper jelly everybody is (hopefully!) getting from us for Christmas (I really oughtn't count my peppers before they sprout, but we hope to make a bright green, nuclear spicy jelly. We want to call it "Wildfire" and include a warning from "The King's Landing Alchemists Guild" Because we are dorks)


So what luscious fruits and veg are you guys sprouting? And prize winning roses? Battling any nasty bugs or fungi? Let's get a big, old fashioned garden brag sesh going!

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