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Jezzies, I have had a bad day.

I had a big long rant about sexism and bullshit I encounter at work, but decided against posting it. TL; DR version:

Today was a bad, bad, bad day. I did nothing wrong, and I have documentation to prove it, but a shop is lying and making a complaint to my boss, so they have to follow up on it. I might be getting fired for something I didn't do. Tomorrow morning I have a conference call with my immediate supervisor, followed by a meeting with supervisor and his boss Friday. I am entirely in the right here, so at best this is just unnecessary stress and a waste of my time. At worst, if I'm not fired, I could be written up which would seriously affect my ability to transfer to another office or take a promotion in the next 12 months.

I have a target on my back right now because I reported my supervisor to HR for sexist/harassing comments.


Went for a run after work to combat overwhelming stress, and got yelled at and almost run over on the way home (yes, that will work asshole, holler at me and then zoom your truck up over the crosswalk where I'm legally crossing with the right of way). I couldn't understand what he was saying, so it was either a catcall, or I was getting yelled at for pushing the cross the street button and changing his light to red. It sounded more angry than flirty.

So I ordered a pizza. I ate the pizza. Now I'm going to bed. Good night, Jezzies. Maybe some of you wouldn't mind posting happy fun gifs or pictures for me to look at while I'm getting screamed at over the phone tomorrow morning?

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