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Welcome To The Bitchery

Jezzies who have lost your moms: how do YOU deal with the Mother's Day hoopla?

The mom-loss club: it's a group most people dread joining. Some of you have been members a long time, some (like me) have recently been brought into the fold.

My mom passed away several weeks ago, and it's been a strange couple of months dealing with grief and loss. I'll go from momentarily forgetting she's gone (more than once I've almost picked up the phone to call her), to laughing about something she did (she was quite the pistol, even in her wheelchair at the end), to sobbing uncontrollably when it hits me how long "forever" really is. Some days I'm OK: sad, but fine. Other days, not so much.


Today I lost it while walking down the card aisle at Target. I really let the grief wash over me for the moment—just gave right in to it. Then I remembered some advice I had read recently. I sort-of collected myself and decided to buy a bunch of cards for various women in my life who have "mothered" me at times I've needed it (whether they were mothers or not): friends, aunts, sisters-in-law. Writing them was very therapeutic this afternoon.

How do those of you who have lost your mothers deal with Mother's Day?

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