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JFC (edit/update)

Edit/update: Holy Shit. An American President fucking TWEETS during a crisis our closest ally is living through. Fucking TWEETS to our closest ally. If anybody didn’t believe our election was hijacked, that Clinton should be in that Oval Office Chair right now, I hope THIS spins their head around.

Heartbreaking events unfolding in London, and our “President” retweets The Drudge Report. The fucking Drudge Report. Earlier today it was fucking Info Wars. This is sooooo wrong on sooooo many levels.


Obama, please come home. You’ve been away too long. Hell~shit, Bush, please even YOU, just call home.

I would bet money that even IF they’re sharing Intelligence with us at this point in his administration (and seriously, can you blame them if they don’t?) that our IC is keeping the really secret stuff away from him. I pray to god and I don’t even pray, that there are enough career people still in place in our Intelligence Community to lend a hand, with enough sense to give That Guy the bare minimum of information.

To all our London friends, we’re still here & holding you close, no matter what this turns out to be.

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