Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

JFC, Moving

Consulting the calender, I have 11 days left in the states. I sort of knew this and didn't know it, but I had to look at the dates today and confront that I'm running out of time for everything. I had plans, you guise. Lots of stuff to do! People to see! Everyone who couldn't make the going away party wants to have dinner together and I'm out of dinner availability.

The tenants and the house are sorted away, finally. I need to track down the last of my utility bills. I need to make sure all our meds have been refilled. I may need to go to DC to get my damn visa, but hey, who knows?! Its only sort of important to do! I'm only sort of leaving in 11 days!


I'm not freaking out, not exactly, nor am I maudlin. I'm just.. I dunno. I'm something. Definitely something.

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