Mr.BT just got “let go.”

Puppy expresses my feels. Not that it’s ever a good time to lose a job, but we’ve got stuff coming up that is going to make it harder to decide what to do about a new job. My brother is getting married in about a month and we’ve already got tickets to AK, and those aren’t cheap. We aren’t scheduled to be back until mid October. Between his final check, PTO, unemployment, and our very small savings, we could make it until then. But then what? Then we’re left with nothing to fall back on besides family. My other worry is that Mr.BT will want to move back to AK if we do this visit with no job prospects here and all the fun and glory of being on vacation with your old friends in AK. We got into some serious discussion a while back and the only way I’m interested in moving back to AK would be to utilize the lax divorce laws. I’m so done being cold and nobody gets it. UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH.