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The judgement was over an hour of the judge ripping into each accuser; Not just on the inconsistencies that established reasonable doubt, but really a play-by-play of their errors, including assumptions about their motivations (media attention, attempts to deceive and ‘bringing JG down’.)

There are a hundred ways to talk about reasonable doubt without saying women lied for shits and giggles. This judge couldn’t even manage that.



Here’s the full ‘sterotype’ quote from the judgement. It is a good deal different than what was reported on Twitter, but the judgement on the whole is still, in my opinion, a tone-deaf mess of of victim-blaming.

As I have stated more than once, the courts must be very cautious in assessing the evidence of complainants in sexual assault and abuse cases. Courts must guard against applying false stereotypes concerning the expected conduct of complainants. I have a firm understanding that the reasonableness of reactive human behaviour in the dynamics of a relationship can be variable and unpredictable. However, the twists and turns of the complainants’ evidence in this — 24 — trial, illustrate the need to be vigilant in avoiding the equally dangerous false assumption that sexual assault complainants are always truthful. Each individual and each unique factual scenario must be assessed according to their own particular circumstances

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