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Jim Norton's Response To The Rape Threats Against Lindy West

I happen to like Jim Norton as a comic and I am enjoying the debate/discussion between the two of them. And he took to the airwaves (on Opie and Anthony, who honest to god, I thought were dead. No joke; I thought those guys died a long time ago. So this was a surprise for me on more than one level)

He, like any sane person, seems to be pretty grossed out by gross idiots on Twitter.

This is me quickly transcribing some of his points:

I don't tell people what to write or how to Tweet...but at least just go after the opinion. You're not helping anything.


Anyway, there it is.

Off to pour myself a beer.

EDIT: Hey, since this has been shared to the main page, I just want to say sorry I didn't transcribe more. He had a lot to say about this whole issue and you should give it a listen and whatever. I just didn't have time/energy to sit here and write it all out for you and cuz I was like super busy. You know, with the beer and all.

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